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Magic Kiss Gloss Bubble Gum Flavor - A Feast of Enchantment for Your Lips

Magic Kiss Gloss Bubble Gum Flavor - A Feast of Enchantment for Your Lips

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Colors of Sequins

Discover the Magic Kiss Chewing-Gum Flavor Gloss , a delicious sensory experience with a bubblegum taste, magical pH-reactive shades, and an irresistible glitter effect.

Why Choose Our Magic Kiss Chewing Gum Flavor Gloss?

  • A delicious chewing gum flavor for a unique sensory experience.
  • pH-changing colors for magically personalized lips.
  • Glittery effect for a sparkling smile.
  • Optimal hydration for deliciously soft lips.

Enhance your beauty routine with the Magic Kiss Chewing-Gum Flavor Gloss, order now for delicious, shimmering lips!

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Application Tips

Apply our Magic Kiss Bubblegum Flavor Gloss by following these simple steps:

1- Delicious Gourmet Flavor: Apply generously for a unique sensory chewing gum experience.

2- Custom Magic Shades: Let the magic happen with pH-changing colors, delivering beautifully personalized lips.

3- Sparkling Glitter Effect: Add a touch of sparkle with the glitter effect, for a sparkling smile.

4- Optimal Hydration: Get deliciously soft lips thanks to optimal hydration of the gloss.

5- Transform your beauty routine with this unique gloss for deliciously scented, personalized and shimmering lips.


Key Features:

1- Gourmet Chewing Gum Flavor: Treat your lips to a delicious chewing gum flavor for an exceptional sensory experience.

2- Magical pH Colors: The formula reacts to the pH of your lips, offering personalized and magical shades.

3- Sparkling Glitter Effect: Enhance your smile with glitter that adds a sparkling touch to your lips.

4- Gourmet Hydration: Hydrate your lips while enjoying a gourmet experience.


Paraffinum Liquidum | Polybutene | Ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer | Phenoxyethanol | BHT

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