Rouges à Lèvres et Soins des Lèvres : Le Duo Gagnant pour des Lèvres Saines

Lipsticks and Lip Care: The Winning Duo for Healthy Lips

Wearing lipstick is a great way to highlight your face, but it is crucial not to neglect lip care to maintain their health. Discover how to combine cosmetics and care for lips that are always sublime.

Importance of Lip Care

The lips are a delicate part of the face, often exposed to the elements and susceptible to dryness and cracking. Good lip care is essential to keep them soft, hydrated and ready for your favorite lipstick.

Exfoliation: The First Step

Start by exfoliating your lips once or twice a week. This helps remove dead skin and promotes smooth lipstick application.

You can use a gentle lip exfoliant or opt for homemade solutions like a mixture of sugar and honey.

Hydration: The Key to Softness

After exfoliation, moisturize your lips. Use a nourishing lip balm, preferably with natural ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil. Apply the balm regularly throughout the day, and always before sleeping.

Choice of Lipstick: Favor Hydration

When choosing a lipstick, look for hydrating formulas that won't dry out your lips. Lipsticks enriched with vitamin E, argan oil or aloe vera are great options.

Application of Lipstick: Best Practices

For perfect application, start by applying a thin layer of lip balm. Then, use a lip liner to define your lips, which will also help prevent lipstick from smudging. Then apply your lipstick, preferably with a brush for even distribution.


By incorporating lip care into your beauty routine, you not only ensure the health and beauty of your lips, but also flawless application of your lipstick. A winning duo for a bright and healthy smile!

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