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Litchi Flavor Lip Scrub + 3 Collagen Hydrogel Patches

Litchi Flavor Lip Scrub + 3 Collagen Hydrogel Patches

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Discover the perfect synergy: Litchi Lip Scrub + Collagen Hydrogel Patches , an exclusive duo for radiant skin and soft lips.

Why Choose Our Beauty Duo?

  • Gentle Exfoliation: Softer lips without irritation.
  • Revitalizing Collagen: A boost to skin elasticity.
  • Complete Care Ritual: Reveal your natural radiance in two simple steps.

Enhance your natural beauty with our Litchi Lip Scrub Duo and Set of 3 Collagen Hydrogel Patches , order now for radiant skin and irresistible lips.

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Application Tips

Application Guide:

Litchi Lip Scrub:

1- Apply a small amount of the exfoliant to clean, dry lips.
2- Massage gently using circular movements for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.
3- Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe with a soft tissue.
4- Use 2 to 3 times a week for soft and revitalized lips.

Collagen Hydrogel Patches:

1- Apply the patches to clean, dry skin.
2- Gently place the patches under the eyes or on the targeted areas.
3- Leave to act for 15 to 20 minutes.
4- Remove carefully and tap gently to penetrate excess serum.
5- Use regularly for lasting results.

Usage tips :

1- Use hydrogel patches after exfoliation for maximum hydration.
2- Store the patches in the refrigerator for an extra soothing sensation.
3- For an at-home spa experience, create a relaxing ambiance during application.

Incorporate these simple steps into your beauty routine for soft lips and glowing skin.


Key Features:

1- Litchi Lip Scrub: Gently removes dead skin for softer, smoother lips.
2- Collagen Hydrogel Patches: Hydrate and revitalize the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines.
3- Beauty Duo: A perfect combination for holistic care.

Our deliciously lychee-scented Lip Scrub offers a sensory experience while Collagen Hydrogel Patches infuse the skin with hydration and rejuvenation.


Water (AQUA) | Glycerin | Sorbitol | Konjac mannan (GLUCOMANNAN) | Potassium chloride | 1,2-Hexanediol | Phenoxyethanol (HYDROXYACETOPHENONE) | Titanium dioxide (CI 77891) | Red iron oxide (CI 77491) | Tin dioxide (TIN OXIDE) | Triple ester of glycerol and caprylic and capric acids (POLYGLYCERYL-6 CAPRYLATE) | Proline | Hydrolyzed collagen (HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN).

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